What if I already have OSHA and HIPAA compliance programs in place?
Health Compliance Team can maintain and augment those programs by keeping them current to all mandated changes.  This will include annual audits, annual mandated training and review of required documentation.

What are the qualifications of Health Compliance Team personnel?
All Health Compliance Team field staff are practicing dentists and hygienists who have been trained by the leading compliance educators in the United States, including the annual OSAP Workshop.

What triggers an OSHA inspection? 
Disgruntled employees trigger the vast percentage of audits. Health Compliance Team always provides preventive counseling on appropriate termination strategies.

Is there an OSHA or HIPAA Certification?
There is no certification status available from OSHA or HIPAA. We provide all mandated solutions for OSHA and HIPAA and any updates and training when requested. The consistent implementation of the industry standard programs we utilize along with your staff's desire to maintain safe behaviors will avoid OSHA and HIPAA issues from arising.

Do I have to sign a contract for monthly services?
There are no monthly contracts or monthly fees. All services are provided on a single fee for service arrangement, which is all-inclusive.